Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain services offered in Plano, TX

Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain services offered in Plano, TX

Low back pain caused by sciatica, herniated discs, and other problems affects millions of people worldwide. It usually isn’t serious but can last for weeks, even months, at a time. At Rise Physical Therapy, a part of North Texas Orthopaedic & Spine in Plano, Texas, physical therapist Daniel Kaminski, PT, DPT, and the team offer complete care for low back pain. Minimally invasive treatments, like massage therapy, cupping, and core-strengthening exercises, reduce inflammation and promote healing to return to your routine. Call Rise Physical Therapy today to schedule low back pain treatment, or book your appointment online.

Low Back Pain Q&A

Is low back pain something to worry about?

Low back pain usually improves with at-home treatments, including rest, ice, and activity changes. But seek treatment if your symptoms keep you from work or interfere with other activities. Some conditions, like herniated discs and sciatica, get worse if you don’t take action. Treatment at Rise Physical Therapy reduces the risk of surgery and helps speed your recovery.

When should I seek treatment for low back pain?

Contact North Texas Orthopaedic & Spine if you have low back pain that lasts more than a few days and occurs alongside:

  • Stiffness
  • Difficulty moving
  • Muscle spasms
  • Posture problems

Low back pain caused by sciatica causes these symptoms to extend into your buttocks, legs, and feet. Continuing your routine without treatment will worsen the problem and increase your risk of severe complications.

When is physical therapy recommended for low back pain?

North Texas Orthopaedic & Spine refers you to Rise Physical Therapy if your lower back pain is due to a medical condition like arthritis, sciatica, or a herniated disc. Moving your body might seem counterintuitive if you have sciatica, but it helps reduce pressure on your sciatic nerve. 

Often, non- and minimally invasive treatments are enough to significantly relieve low back pain and promote healing. What’s more, most patients who enroll in physical therapy avoid surgery and heal quicker than those who don’t.

What does physical therapy for low back pain involve?

The Rise Physical Therapy team offers several types of treatment for low back pain. They could suggest:

  • Range of motion (ROM) exercises
  • Dry needling to ease stiffness and promote blood flow
  • Massage therapy to reduce swelling and encourage flexibility
  • Stretches
  • Strength training
  • Cupping therapy to release tension and draw blood to the affected area

In most cases, combining two or more treatments provides the best results. Attend each of your appointments, follow your therapist’s instructions, and listen to your body to ensure a positive outcome.

How long does physical therapy for low back pain take?

The time it takes for physical therapy to relieve low back pain will depend on its cause and how severe your symptoms are. Rise Physical Therapy usually recommends bi-weekly appointments during the first month of treatment.

Once your back starts feeling better, they reassess your condition and adjust your treatment plan. Be patient, and don’t rush the process. Jumping back into activities too quickly can cause your injury to get worse.

Call the nearest Rise Physical Therapy office today to schedule low back pain treatment, or book your appointment online.